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Sinn Féin call for action on Drink Spiking

4 December, 2007

Sinn Féin West Belfast Assembly members Sue Ramsey and Jennifer McCann are calling for the Minister of Health to make date rape prevention kits available free of charge in response to the growing problem of drinks being spiked.

A Sinn Féin motion on the issue was debated in Assembly today, Tuesday 4th December and received all party support.

Ms McCann said:

"Adding alcohol or drugs to someone's drink to render them in a semi-conscious state to facilitate rape or sexual assault, commonly known as drink spiking, has become an increasing worrying trend in recent years and very often the unsuspecting victim will not be aware of their drink being spiked until it is too late.

"Today we are asking that Government plays its part in that campaign and takes the lead in providing Drink spiking Preventative Kits free of charge. Vintners Associations and Bar and Nightclub owners also have a responsibility to ensure that their customers are protected from sexual predators who use alcohol and drugs to spike drinks.

"Although these drink spiking prevention kits can help detect if something has been added to your drink they are by no means meant to be used as protection against drink spiking and people themselves must take preventative measures.

"The kits we are asking the Department of Health to provide should contain information on preventative measures as well as practical items such as plugs for the top of a bottle. They should also provide helpful contact numbers.

There are a number of steps that people can take themselves including:

  • No one should ever leave their drink unattended;
  • If you need to go somewhere without your drink try to ensure someone you trust; will watch it until you get back or discard it;
  • You should never let a stranger buy you a drink." ENDS

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