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Death threat to a catholic family living in Stoneyford – Butler

5 December, 2007

Sinn Féin Lagan Valley MLA Paul Butler has said that the threat to a catholic family living in Stoneyford from loyalists is 'the latest in a series of attacks on this family'.

Mr Butler said:

"Last night's death threat from loyalists against a catholic family in Stoneyford is the latest in a series of attacks on this family."

The death threat was delivered to the family home by PSNI officers. They were not in a position to tell the family the exact nature of the threat or who was under threat. The letter from the PSNI informing the family of the threat made reference to a 'male'.

There are four males in the house, one adult the others are children. The PSNI said they are taking the threat 'seriously'.

Mr Butler added:

"This remark seems to be the only part of this threat that the PSNI are taking seriously because they are failing to protect this family and other Catholics in the village from the loyalist gang who are based in the village.

"This gang is well known to the PSNI yet they are doing nothing to curtail their intimidatory and sectarian behavior.

"Two weeks ago I met Assistant Chief Constable and the police officers in charge of the area. I was given an assurance that the PSNI would act to deter this gang.

"I am still waiting on an effective response - no single loyalist involved in this campaign have been arrested.

"They roam the village intimidating people at will. This is totally unacceptable.

"The PSNI must immediately act to protect the Catholics from this loyalist gang." ENDS

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