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Domestic Violence Postcard campaign

10 December, 2007

Sinn Féin MLA's will launch a Postcard campaign highlighting the issue of Domestic Violence tomorrow, Tuesday 11th December at 12.30pm on the steps of Stormont.

Speaking ahead of the launch Sinn Fein Women's Spokesperson, West Belfast MLA Jennifer McCann said:

"No-one should be under any illusions about domestic violence. It is a serious crime and must be treated as such. The research shows that domestic violence is one of most prevalent of all crimes against the person.

"We need to ensure that there is good support for people who take the courage to leave an abusive relationship. We need proper support for victims from help lines, to refuges and counselling and we need a policing response that is both sensitive to the needs to victims and focused on securing convictions and ensuring the safety of those who leave violent relationships.

"It is clear that in many cases people feel that they are let down by the judicial service.

"Not only the conviction rates very low in domestic violence cases but at times there is almost a sense of betrayal because of the short sentences handed down to perpetrators of domestic violence.

"We need to continue to raise public awareness about domestic violence. All forms of violence against women must be challenged and the services put in place to ensure that women who have been raped or have experienced violence are given the support they need." ENDS

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