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Cabinet decision to defer Minister pay hikes too little too late - Morgan

11 December, 2007


Sinn Féin Finance Spokesperson Arthur Morgan TD has described this afternoon’s decision by the cabinet to defer the first part of the pay rise for government ministers by a year as too little, too late.


Deputy Morgan said:


“Whilst I welcome the fact that government have finally succumb to public pressure and decided not to accept their hefty pay hikes, deferring the increases for a year does not go far enough. They should reject them.


“The fact remains that Irish Ministers are currently amongst the highest paid elected representatives in Europe. This despite the current healthcare crisis, slowing economy, under resourced education system and arguably one of the worst public transport systems in the EU.


“Deferring the pay hikes is a cynical move by an arrogant and tired cabinet. However if the government believe that they will be able to quietly up their salaries next year they have seriously misjudged the public’s opinion on this issue.” CRIOCH


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