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Sinn Féin President calls of voters to oppose Lisbon Treaty

13 December, 2007

Speaking in Dublin this afternoon Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MLA has called on everyone on this island who will have a vote to come out and oppose the Lisbon Treaty.


Mr Adams said:


 “Today Taoiseach Bertie Ahern will join EU heads of state in Lisbon to sign the Lisbon Treaty.


“Over the coming months Sinn Féin will be the only significant political party campaigning throughout the island against the Lisbon Treaty referendum.


“I believe that we will be standing with the majority of people on this island who share Sinn Féin’s concerns about the direction of the EU and the power of the larger states.


“Ireland's place is within the European Union. Many benefits have come to Ireland as a result of our membership but moves towards greater integration are certainly not in this country's interest.


“The Lisbon Treaty involves the most substantial transfer of powers from member states to the European Council and Commission in the history of the union.


“The influence of smaller states will be reduced as the dominance of the larger states is consolidated. It significantly accelerates the militarization of the EU, and advances an economic agenda based on a race to the bottom for wages and workers rights.


“Today, I want to call on everyone on this island who will have a vote to come out and oppose this Treaty.


“I make a particular appeal to supporters of the Labour Party and the Green Party to join with us in the coming months in opposing this treaty.” CRÍOCH


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