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Morgan leads Sinn Féin fact finding delegation to Cobh and Youghal

14 December, 2007

"Cork has approximately 15,846 people on the live register; this is the second highest county figure in the country after Dublin. Youghal and Cobh have been dealt a number of blows this year on the employment front. The loss of jobs in companies such as Elba and Breeo has been devastating for county.

"During the initial meeting of the Oireachtas Committee on Enterprise, Trade and Employment of which I am a member I proposed that the committee visit East Cork to asses what needs to be done to create new jobs in regional towns which have been hit by a spate of job losses over the last twelve months.

"Encouragingly the Committee agreed to my proposal and intends to do so early next year. Local Sinn Féin Councillors Martin Hallinan and Kieran McCarthy subsequently invited me to see for myself the jobs situation in Cobh and Youghal as the committee may not be able to visit these areas

"It is my strong view that as we enter into an economic slowdown it is vitally important that government take a robust and action orientated approach to job creation. Getting out of the Dáil and into communities worst affected by job losses is a key element of this job of work.

"I am particularly interested in hearing the views of those in the area - including business people and workers - on what needs to be done to ensure the employment situation in the area is improved. I will be meeting with the President and Branch Secretary of SIPTU, local community groups and the Cobh Chamber of Commerce.

"I hope to come away from this fact finding mission with a better understanding of what the strengths and advantages of the region in enterprise terms and how can these be best exploited to create new jobs.

"If we are to develop the region it is imperative that we understand the factors inhibiting the creation of new jobs. Is infrastructure adequate? Do workers have the required skills? If not how can government and state agencies best support the retraining and upskilling of workers?

"What are the pressures on small businesses and how can government best alleviate these pressures? What additional supports do small and medium sized enterprises need to expand their workforce and improve their prospects?" CRÍOCH

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