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McDonald tells EU leaders - values of Europe best protected by rejecting Lisbon Treaty

18 December, 2007

Speaking in the European Parliament this afternoon Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Mary McDonald told fellow parliamentarians that she has one simple message to EU leaders “if you are keen to be involved in a referendum campaign, organise one in your own country and leave us to get on with ours.”

The Dublin MEP said:

“2008 is set to the European Union’s most decisive year.

“The Lisbon Treaty will shape the union’s future irrevocably.

“Proponents of the Treaty state its purpose is to provide a mechanism to streamline decision making powers for a burgeoning bureaucracy. This is not true.

“This is an ambitious political strategy to move member state decision making areas such as taxation, foreign policy and social provisions from national parliaments to the institutions that remain beyond the democratic reach of ordinary people.

“The EU Commission has made no secret of its desire to decide on matters relating to corporation tax. Having secured jurisdiction in monetary policy the EU now has its sights set on fiscal policy.

“Provisions relating to national parliaments contained within the Treaty such as citizens’ petitions and the yellow card system are tokenistic and are of no meaningful value to member states. 

“It is ironic that the same champions in Ireland of such policies contained within all European Treaties point the finger of blame at Brussels when the consequences of are felt by ordinary people. The Brazilian beef and school water charges debacles are just two current examples of this.

“In Ireland we will have the opportunity to vote on this treaty. I suspect Bertie Ahern is envious of French and Dutch leaders, who can ignore the views of their citizens expressed so clearly in 2005.


“Repeatedly Taoiseach Ahern and his government cohorts pretend that our reputation of 'good' Europeans requires acceptance of this treaty. In fact, the values of democracy, the building of peace and respect for diversity, to which the EU is rhetorically committed, are best protected by good Europeans rejecting this bad treaty.


“Irish people do not need the 'great and the good' of Europe telling us there is no alternative to Lisbon. I have one simple message to EU leaders. If you are keen to be involved in a referendum campaign, organise one in your own country and leave us to get on with ours.” CRÍOCH



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