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Sinn Féin school water charge waiver supported unanimously by DCC

8 January, 2008

Sinn Féin Dublin City Council leader Cllr. Christy Burke has welcomed last nights unanimous support by the council of his motion calling on government to introduce a waiver system for schools with water charges arrears.


Cllr. Burke said:


“Last night’s debate was an example of how local government can and should work. In response to my motion the council engaged in a healthy debate on the water charges issues for over an hour.


“Following the debate Councillors unanimously agreed to call on government to grant aid to schools that will have to pay water charges and also to introduce a waiver system to remove any outstanding water charge arrears for schools in the city of Dublin.


“Sinn Féin intends to pursue this demand of government rigorously. Schools throughout Dublin are already under tremendous financial pressure due to decades of under funding by successive led Fianna Fáil governments. That they are now expected to pay for perhaps the most basic of needs is indefensible.


“Over the coming weeks Sinn Féin Councillors throughout the 26 counties intend to put a similar motion to upcoming council meetings.” CRÍOCH

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