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Sinn Féin reaffirm need for devolution of Policing and Justice

8 January, 2008

Sinn Féin Assembly Member Carál Ní Chuilín, speaking after a meeting of the Executive Review Committee with Hugh Orde as part of its Inquiry into the devolution of Policing and Justice Powers has said that it is no longer a question of if but of when and how policing and justice powers are devolved.

Ms Ní Chuilín said,

"The Chief Constable himself has said that he sees no reason not to proceed with the transfer of policing and justice within the stated timetable.

"The devolution of Policing and Justice was a key element in the negotiations that led to the restoration of the political institutions.

"The British government's commitment to the devolution of Policing and Justice Powers by May 2008 was central to the decision of republicans and nationalists to engage with the policing structures earlier this year.

"There can be no back-sliding on this commitment. There can be no more excuses.

"There is an overwhelming demand from the public for the transfer of Powers on Policing and Justice to go ahead." Críoch

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