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Gerry Adams- Lisbon Treaty a bad deal for Ireland, we deserve better

19 January, 2008

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams speaking at a meeting of young republicans from across Ireland called on them to come out and engage in a robust, energetic and vigorous campaign against the Lisbon Treaty.  Mr. Adams described the Treaty as a bad deal for Ireland and said the people deserve better.

Mr. Adams said:

“The Lisbon Treaty, like many of the treaties that went before it, does not deliver reform, efficiency or democracy.   It is a bad deal for Ireland.  We deserve and can achieve better.
“The Lisbon Treaty will involve the most substantial transfer of powers from  member states to the European Council and Commission to date.  The influence of  smaller states will be reduced as the dominance of larger states is consolidated.  It significantly accelerates the militarization of  the EU and advances an economic agenda based on a race to the bottom for wages and workers’ rights.
“It will be a tough and difficult campaign.  However I believe that we will be standing  with the majority of people on this island who share our  concerns  about the direction of the EU and the power of the larger states. I want to call on young republicans across the island to come out once again, as they did in the Nice Referendum and lead a robust, energetic and vigorous campaign that will energise young people across the island.

“The Green Party is meeting today to discuss this issue.  It is a matter for them what decision they take.  But I would call on all those who believe that we deserve better than the Lisbon Treaty to join the campaign to see it defeated.” ENDS


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