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Disappointment at latest Drink Dive figures

24 January, 2008

Sinn Féin Road Safety spokesperson Cathal Boylan MLA responding to reports that two off duty police officers were among more than 600 motorists caught drink driving over the Christmas period, has said that given the recent out cry over Constable Geraldine Donnelly, there can be no hiding place or justification for the individuals to retain their positions within the force.

Mr Boylan said:

"All those caught for drink driving offences must be dealt with in the same manner, if brought before the courts and prosecuted, then all must be given the same penalty.

"We had a situation the other day where Hugh Orde went to the court of appeal to get a driver banned when a court originally did not do so, so the rules must apply to all.

"On top of the normal punishments the public expect, the PSNI hierarchy have stated that any officers caught will be dismissed from the force, and I fully expect this to happen. As I have said before, how can people respect a force which is out to detect them when individuals within that force are committing the same offence?

"I am deeply disappointed that 600 people have detected gambling with their and other road users lives despite the intensive advertising over this period. Once again, we may have to review the way the message is being put across and come up with new ideas as to how to educate people." ENDS

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