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Successful start to Dún Laoghaire No To Lisbon Treaty Campaign

25 January, 2008

Speaking after a public meeting on the Lisbon Treaty, Sinn Féin Dún Laoghaire Representative Eoin Ó Broin has described the event as "a successful start to the Dún Laoghaire No To Lisbon Treaty Campaign." The meeting, organised by the No To Lisbon Campaign coalition, took place in the Kingston Hotel on Thursday January 24th. A crowd of 60 people were addressed by Ó Broin, Patricia McKenna (former Green Party MEP), Richard Boyd Barrett (PBP) and Roger Cole of the Peace and Neutrality Alliance.

Speaking today Ó Broin said, "Last nights public meeting was a great success and a successful start to the local Dún Laoghaire No To Lisbon Treaty campaign. The purpose of the meeting was to provide people with information and encourage them to play an active part in the campaign.

"The Lisbon treaty is a bad deal for Ireland. It will undermine national and European democracy, entrench EU militarisation, weaken Irish neutrality, undermine public services and damage the developing world.

"Sinn Féin will be mounting a vigorous campaign against this Treaty. We will also be playing a key part in the broad based progressive coalition for a No vote. We want people to understand that the content of the Treaty is bad for Ireland, the EU and the developing world.

"We believe that the Treaty should be rejected and political leaders and citizens should go back to the drawing board to draft a new Treaty which promotes democracy, social and economic justice, equality and peace and neutrality.

"With 62% of voters undecided on the Treaty everything is to play for in this debate. Sinn Féin believes that another Europe is possible. Saying No to the Lisbon Treaty is the first step in building this alternative." ENDS

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