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Sinn Féin - Lisbon Treaty Irish Times poll must act as a wakeup call - McDonald

26 January, 2008

Responding to this morning’s Irish Times poll on the forthcoming Lisbon Treaty referendum Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald said that “the rise in don’t knows must act as a wakeup call to the Yes Campaign who have to date engaged in fact-less  scaremongering rather than debating the content of the Treaty.”

The Dublin MEP said:

“The Lisbon Treaty is the most far reaching Treaty that has been put before the Irish people in the history of the EU. There is a massive debate that needs to take place in Ireland over the coming months.

“For example, the massive transfer of power with 105 additional areas transferred from the Dáil to the EU and the Treaty’s advancement of the militarisation of the EU with its commitment to a single EU foreign, security and defence policy with a binding obligation on all member states to comply, are just two points of debate that must take place between Irish society’s stakeholders.

 “Instead of engaging with the Irish people on the content of the treaty the Yes Campaign have threatened them with the badge of ‘bad Europeans’, ‘head bangers’ and Ireland ending up ‘the laughing stock of Europe,’ should they use their democratic right to vote against the Lisbon Treaty.

“I say to all the elements of the Yes Campaign, let the real debate begin today. Today’s poll shows a high degree of dissatisfaction among the voters about their level of knowledge on the content of the Lisbon Treaty. Having two thirds of the electorate disengaged from the debate is not in either side’s interest.” CRÍOCH


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