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Green Minister should reconsider Shankill sewage plant

28 January, 2008

Following widespread public concern over the proposed sewage plant at Shanganagh Dún Laoghaire Dún Laoghaire Sinn Féin representative Eoin Ó Broin has written to the new Green Party Minister for the environment John Gormley calling on him to "reverse the decision to site the plant in a residential area."

Speaking today Mr Ó Broin said, "The sighting of such a large facility alongside a residential area runs contrary to European Union best practice. Both EU and Irish legislation require plants to operate without causing undue noise or odour. However the current state of a similar plant at Poolbeg has left many residents wondering if such standards can be met.

"In addition residents continue to have concerns regarding the plans to grant contractors a wayleave for Corbawn Drive and Lane. The fact that 75% of the green space is due to be out of use during construction will cause substantial disruption to the local community.

"The decision to site the plant in Shanganagh in the first instance was wrong and should be reversed. The Green Party Environment Minister John Gormley should revisit and reverse the decision.

"The level of long term noise and odour pollution, not to mention pollution of the coastline, from this plant is serious. How can local people be guaranteed that the levels of pollution arising from the Poolbeg plant will not be the same in Shankill.

"If the Green Party is serious about environmental issues they must urgently reconsider the issue and seek an alternative." ENDS

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