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National Forum on Europe Must Provide Unbiased Information on Treaty

28 January, 2008

Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald has today called on the National Forum on Europe to provide unbiased information during the forthcoming campaign on the Lisbon Treaty. Her comments come as the Forum is preparing an information guide to the Treaty.

Ms McDonald said:

"The National Forum on Europe is currently drafting an information guide for voters on the Lisbon Treaty. Sinn Féin strongly supports the publication of such a guide. We also welcome the Forum's stated objective to present the guide in a manner that is factual, informative and nonbiased.

"However we are deeply concerned with the current draft of the Forum's document. At present the document contains a number of factual errors and omits significant amounts of information which we believe is central to any balanced understanding of the Treaty.

"I met the Forum's director Charles Sheehan last Friday to express my concerns. I presented him with 150 specific changes that Sinn Féin were seeking, many of which deal with some of the Treaty's most controversial aspects such as public services, military spending, nuclear energy and the self amending clauses of the Treaty.

"The meeting was constructive and I look forward to hearing from the forum in the coming days." CRÍOCH

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