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McCord to speak at Ard Fheis

3 February, 2008

A Sinn Féin spokesperson this evening confirmed that Raymond McCord Snr has agreed to speak at this year's Sinn Fein Ard Fheis at the end of this month.

The spokesperson welcomed Mr. McCord's agreement to address the Ard Fheis and said that Mr. McCord will speak in the Friday evening session, February 29th in the section on collusion.

The spokesperson said:

"The issue of collusion between British state forces and Pro-unionist death squads, as well as the role played by agents and informers, is a crucial part of the decades of conflict that has yet to be told.

"Collusion took many forms, but was primarily institutional and run by British security and intelligence agencies. They colluded in the murder of hundreds of people.

"This British government, like all its predecessors, has gone to extraordinary lengths to cover-up collusion, including changing the legal basis of any inquiries.

"Raymond McCord Jnr's murder, the campaign of his father, and the Ombudsman's report into the circumstances surrounding the murder has helped lift part of the lid on this significant issue." ENDS

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