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Junior Minister sets out Executive’s vision for a better future for all

5 February, 2008

Sinn Féin Junior Ministers Gerry Kelly MLA along with Ian Paisley jnr has told a Belfast audience of the government's priority to create a prosperous, diverse and equal society.

They were speaking today at the Centre for Public Policy Seminars (CPPS) conference at the Stormont Hotel where they outlined highlights from the Executive's three year Programme for Government and multi billion pound Investment Strategy which were unanimously agreed by the Executive on 21 January.

Junior Minister Kelly said the Executive's desire was not only to increase prosperity, but to use that increased prosperity to proactively tackle disadvantage and poverty and promote equality, fairness and inclusion.

"These issues directly impact on each other, we cannot have sustainable prosperity in a divided society where too many feel excluded or marginalised or live in degraded environments. Nor can we address those divisions or the disadvantage and poverty which remain all too evident, where people do not have the opportunities and means to realise their potential.

"The Programme for Government, therefore sets out the Executive's clear commitment to advancing social transformation and the inclusion of all of our people to deliver the peaceful, prosperous, fair and healthy society we all want," added Mr Kelly.


Copies of the Programme for government, Budget and Investment Strategy are available on the Programme for Government and Budget website:

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