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McGuigan - SDLP recruitment of 'election experts' suggests lack of confidence in their own party

27 October, 2003

Sinn Féin North Antrim Assembly candidate, Cllr Phillip McGuigan has said that today's announcement that the SDLP have recruited a number of 'election experts' from the British Labour Party and right wing political parties such as the Progressive Democrats in the South, suggests that they lack confidence in their own ability.

Cllr McGuigan said:

"The need to draft in outside 'election experts' to help with the SDLP Assembly campaign sends out a clear message to their supporters. We are in difficulties and we don't have the people inside the SDLP to help us.

"The message that they are looking to defend seats in nationalist heartlands such as Newry and Armagh and West Tyrone and make gains in unionist strongholds such as North Down and Strangford highlight a gathering sense of desperation and panic.

"People on the ground will not be fooled. A gathering of a right wing electoral strategist from the PDs, a British Labour Party activist and various other assortments of so-called experts may bring the outside help that a floundering party obviously needs but many people will be asking what about after the election. If they don't trust people in the SDLP to drive an election campaign what confidence can people have in their leadership after an election." ENDS

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