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Executive committed to building better future for all

6 February, 2008

A modern, efficient infrastructure is an essential requirement for economic and social development, Sinn Féin Junior Minister Gerry Kelly and Ian Paisley Jnr told delegates in Dublin today.

The Junior Ministers were addressing the All Island Infrastructure Investment conference where they told an audience of business, financial and construction delegates of the progress being made towards building a better future for all.

Gerry Kelly spoke of the Executive's aim to build a peaceful, fair and prosperous society:

"We have set key goals in the Programme for Government. Child poverty is be halved in two years and eliminated by 2020. Over £500million is to be invested in regenerating disadvantaged communities, neighbourhoods, towns and cities by 2012.

"We have also set out a series of significant measures for improving access to health services. For our children and young people we are ensuring better educational outcomes, increasing participation in sport, tackling neglect and abuse and reducing deaths due to road accidents. We aim to reduce the human tragedy and waste resulting from suicide."

An investment conference is planned for Spring which aims to position Northern Ireland as a competitive business location.

Mr Kelly also spoke of the importance of sustainability:

"This island has a rich and varied natural heritage for which we share a common concern to enhance and protect. So too with our built heritage, which is rich with a complex array of archaeological sites, monuments and buildings reflecting the diversity of our history. These are precious assets that enhance the well-being and quality of life for everyone."

"We know we have some difficult issues where we will have to work especially hard to achieve the necessary consensus. However, we want to stress that are moving forward now with the sense of urgency and commitment needed to achieve the successes we are seeking. We have promised to deliver and we will deliver." ENDS

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