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Civil Service Review ‘must create more Derry jobs’

8 February, 2008

Foyle Sinn Féin MLA Martina Anderson has expressed her hope that the Review of Public Sector jobs will lead to more Civil Service jobs in Derry.

Ms Anderson said:

"The high unemployment and social deprivation in the North West is well documented and one of the most effective ways we can employ to tackle this is to locate more public sector jobs in this area.

"The Executive has set itself laudable targets in terms of eradicating child poverty and increasing employment and prosperity while the equality proofing which Sinn Féin succeeded in securing means that issues such as regional disparities and economic inequality will have to be addressed.

"And it is within our gift to do this. There is a massive public sector in the North and some of those thousands of Civil Service jobs currently located in Belfast should be relocated to the areas where they are needed most.

"However, it's important to realise this is not a Derry versus Belfast issue. The experience in Dublin and London for example show that centralising almost everything in one city drives up prices to untenable levels and is ultimately counter productive.

"Therefore, decentralisation is in all our interests. It can improve employment levels in places like Derry while helping Belfast remain economically competitive and attractive to the private sector.

"More employment for Derry is one of the key aims of the Stand Up For Derry campaign and I hope that when this review is complete later this year, George Bain and his team will concur with the Sinn Féin analysis." ENDS

Notes to editor

Work has begun on the Review of Policy on the Location of Public Sector Jobs in the North, Review Chairman Professor Sir George Bain announced yesterday.

The Review was established late last year to examine how the location of public sector jobs in the North can be used to enhance economic and social growth across the North.

It expects to complete its work and to submit a final report by the summer.

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