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Andrews comments juvenile and desperate - McDonald

6 February, 2008

National Chairperson Mary Lou MEP has described statements made by Fianna Fáil TD Barry Andrews regarding Sinn Féin's President as juvenile and yet another example of a government desperate to avoid debate on the actual content of the Lisbon Treaty.

The Dublin MEP said: proviso

"From the leadership down to its backbench minions Fianna Fáil has to date done its very best to distract attention from the substantive content of the Treaty choosing instead to use this important political debate as a school yard exercise in low brow politicking.

"The Sinn Féin leadership and the party's activists have already embraced this debate. The party yesterday launched its Lisbon Treaty campaign. We will be distributing half a million leaflets throughout the 26 counties and holding a series of regional meetings.

"The fact is that we can support the EU and be against the Lisbon Treaty. We can support the EU and still want to see democracy and accountability. We can support the EU and still believe that our government should use their position positively on the EU stage.

"No amount of bluster from any political quarter can take away from the simple fact that the Lisbon treaty is a bad deal for Ireland, Europe and the wider world." CRIOCH

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