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Paul Quinn - Sinn Féin call for people with any information to bring it forward to the Guards or the PSNI

19 February, 2008

Sinn Féin Assembly members today spoke during the debate tabled on the murder of Paul Quinn and once again condemned the killing and called for people with any information to bring it forward to the Guards or the PSNI.

Local MP Conor Murphy also called for an ongoing campaign of intimidation being waged against local families in the wake of the killing to be brought to an end.

Speaking after the debate Mr Murphy said:

"The wording of this motion including references to the widely discredited MI5 mouth piece, the IMC, was clearly designed to try and cause divisions on this issue rather than unite the Assembly around the core demand for justice and for full co-operation with the Guards and the PSNI and that is disappointing.

"However an opportunity was presented for all parties to unequivocally state their condemnation of the murder and call for full support for the Guards and the PSNI in their investigation into this horrific crime. Sinn Féin once again stated our clear condemnation of the murder and made the call once again for anyone with any information to bring it forward.

"Some have accused the IRA of involvement in this killing. They have done so without producing a shred of evidence. I am content that there was no republican involvement in the murder of Paul Quinn and I am on record calling for those giving a different view to produce evidence to back up their claims. None has been produced and at the end of this investigation I am confident that no evidence linking republicans to this brutal crime will be produced. Indeed it is worth noting the words of the Justice Minister in the South Brian Lenihan last week in the Dail when he said 'the position remains that the Guards have no information to suggest that this attack was authorised by, or carried out on behalf of the IRA'.

"Those who murdered Paul Quinn must be brought to justice. Ill-informed speculation and rumour have no place in such a campaign. Neither have the series of violent attacks on families whose names have been wrongly associated with this murder. These attacks must stop and the PSNI must act against those carrying them out.

"So I would once again offer our support to the Quinn family. Unlike others Sinn Féin have not and will not seek to play politics with this issue. Such public bickering does not help advance the search for justice." ENDS

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