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Children’s confidential documents – who had them, who really found them and who else has them now?

21 February, 2008

Newry and Armagh MLA Mickey Brady has demanded that the PSNI fully investigate the entire circumstances in relation to discovery of the highly sensitive and confidential education documents allegedly found on a roadside near Camlough.

Mr Brady said:

"There are two specific issues that need investigated, one is as to how and where such sensitive documents, the property of the Southern Education Board, had gone unaccounted for and unsecured for so many years.

"The other is why these documents, which contain sensitive information about individuals and families from this area, now have become part of a media publicity circus with pictures of unauthorised people viewing them. Questions as to why these documents were held by individuals from a Thursday to a Monday before being handed back to the appropriate SELB officials need answered.

"I have been informed that many of these papers were taken by unauthorised people to an Office, examined and over a period of days placed into new files before they were given to the SELB. I am also aware that sections of the media were given photo copies and faxes of the material."

"I have also been contacted by families over fears that their confidential details were now, even after the return of some of the documents, still in the public domain.

"The PSNI need to investigate fully this entire incident. We need to know who had the documents, who really did find them and who else has them now." ENDS

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