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Ógra Shinn Fein petition opposing University censorship

22 February, 2008

The University of Ulster currently has a 'political protocol' in place which effectively bars political parties to organise openly and freely in the Universities campus and its facilities.

To date, all political parties organised in the University of Ulster have faced the brunt of the 'political protocol'. Elected representatives are banned from attending Fresher's Fayre and where threatened to be forcibly removed by UU staff at Magee's recent Fresher's, and the Ogra Shinn Fein cumann at Jordanstown where also recently refused to set up a stall to promote the pressing issue of drug and alcohol awareness.

Ógra Shinn Fein are set to step up the campaign to overturn the 'protocol', and are asking other political organisations, college societies, the student body and general public to support the campaign and oppose the Universities blatant censorship and disregard for freedom of speech.

Urging people to sign the online petition, University of Ulster student and Councillor Johnny McGibbon said,

"I am calling on those who support freedom of speech and political expression to sign this petition which opposes the University of Ulster's 'political protocol' As citizens in the North of Ireland move forward to a shared future, a future of mutual respect for diversity, and nurtured through discussion, the University of Ulster is stuck in a time warp."

"The University of Ulster is stating through this 'protocol' that politics is contentious, that debate and respect for diversity is wrong. This crazy decision instead of helping us fight the disgusting acts of sectarianism and racism in modern society, actually fosters the ignorance that creates these evils." ENDS

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