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International Women's Day event must go ahead - McCann MLA

25 February, 2008

Responding to Criticism of an event at the Long Gallery at Stormont to celebrate International Women's Day on March 7, Sinn Fein MLA Jennifer McCann has said that the event must go ahead.

Ms McCann said:

"This year is the 20th anniversary of the executions in Gibraltar of Maireád Farrell, Dan Mc Cann and Seán Savage. Maireád Farrell was a strong advocate for equality for women and she organised and participated in a number of events both inside Armagh Women's prison and outside to celebrate International Women's Day.

"To the Republican constituency that I represent Maireád was a strong, inspirational woman who is still highly respected and held in high esteem and I believe that a celebration of her life to mark International Women's Day is a fitting tribute.

"Once again we have heard a number of Unionist Representatives try to out do each other in their criticism of Republicans. And unfortunately once again their response is to try to demonise Republicans and insult the children and the families of those murdered either directly by the SAS, RUC, UDR and the British Army or indirectly by their policy of collusion.

"Events like this one celebrating International Women's Day must go ahead in Stormont and be respected in the context of 'shared space'.

"I would ask Unionists to afford the same level of respect to the families of those murdered by the SAS, UDR, RUC and British Army to the relatives of those who lost a loved one in the conflict, their loss is the same." Críoch

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