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Newry job losses – a bad blow for workers and community

10 March, 2008

Newry and Armagh MLA Mickey Brady has said that news of redundancies at both the Glen Dimplex Factory, Newry and the local Housing Executive Office was bad news for the area.

Mr Brady said:

"Firstly I have great concern for those workers who are facing loosing their jobs. This is a body blow to them and their families and will no doubt have consequences on the local economy."

Mickey Brady also voiced growing concerns on the issue of the local Housing Executive Office.

"On the one hand assurances are being given that the busy office will remain open and fully resourced whilst on the other hand workers are being laid off or moved out and direct contact with Housing Services lost.

"Remaining Housing Executive employees that I have spoken to are concerned and afraid for their future. What cannot be allowed to happen is that the Newry Housing Executive Office will basically become a 'shop front' type facility.

"The people of this area are entitled to full access to services at local level. Housing is a key priority issue for a large section of the community living in the locality. Day and daily I am contacted by people who are caught up in the housing trap seeking advice and support. Any continued dilution of the workforce or services available in the Newry Office is not acceptable." ENDS

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