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NIE finally release their costings for Undergrounding Inter-connector

10 March, 2008

Following a question to the Minister of Enterprise Trade and Investment, Cathal Boylan, MLA for Newry and Armagh and a leading exponent of the concerns of local people to the proposed Cavan to Tyrone electricity Inter-connector has finally got a reply as to how much NIE believe it will cost to put the connection underground.

Mr Boylan said:

"I have been asking this question for a long time, and now NIE have given us their figures. They believe that to place the Inter-connector underground for the entire route would cost in the region of £490 million pounds, compared to a cost of £56 million pounds if it is placed overhead.

"NIE believe the extra cost for the section in the North will be in the region of £217 million pounds. That if a precedent is set and all future networking foreseen is also placed underground, then the figure they envisage of £500 million for these future developments will also rise significantly. The next question I will be asking is how this figure was reached, and if any independent research can be carried out to verify if this figure is accurate.

"It is also interesting that NIE have raised the issue of future projects, are people in West Tyrone and Donegal aware that this issue being fought so hard against by their fellow countrymen and women in Meath, Cavan, Monaghan, Armagh and South Tyrone could very well become an issue for them? Perhaps it is time they started to take notice of what is happening today and be prepared for the same battle." ENDS

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