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Transfer of powers on policing and justice needs to happen now

10 March, 2008

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams and Deputy First Minster Martin McGuinness this evening met with the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern in Government Buildings for an hour long discussion on the political situation in the north, which focused in particular on the issue of transfer of powers on policing and justice.

Speaking following the meeting Mr. Adams said:

"Over the last number of weeks we have been in close contact with the Irish and British governments as we approach the deadline for the transfer of powers on policing and justice.

"Transfer of these powers into the hands of locally elected politicians is essential for democratic control and accountability of policing.

"It is clear that there is widespread public support nationalist and unionist -- for transfer to happen now and it is something supported by the police themselves.

"The Irish and British governments need to move on this issue and implement what was agreed at St. Andrews."

Mr. Adams warned the DUP:

"In two months time a major investment conference will take place in Belfast. It is an important element of an overall job creation strategy which is critical for the future development of the economy.

"Any suggestion of instability in the political institutions, or a refusal by the DUP to fulfill its obligations on the transfer of powers on Policing and Justice, or an Irish Language Act, risks undermining the investment potential of the economic conference." ENDS

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