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Partners hold Neighbourhood Watch conference

12 March, 2008

The Policing Board together with the NIO Community Safety Partnership (CSP) and the PSNI have held the North's first annual Neighbourhood Watch conference to present the results of a recent survey into the effectiveness of the scheme.

The survey, published in December 2007, showed that Neighbourhood Watch Schemes can help people feel safer in their local neighbourhoods, with a greater sense of community and a perceived lower level of crime. At the conference, Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators, CSP Co-ordinators, CSP Chairs, local PSNI and DPP Members examined the results of the survey and considered the recommendations on the future development of Neighbourhood Watch.

Speaking about the conference, Board Member and Chairman of the Board's Community Engagement Committee, Alex Maskey MLA said:

"The Board, the PSNI and the NIO Community Safety Unit, commissioned this research because we wanted to find out more about what impact Neighbourhood Watch Schemes have in reducing crime, the fear of crime and how they improve relationships between local communities and the police.

"The research shows fairly clearly that Neighbourhood Watch makes a positive contribution to our communities - local people living in areas with Neighbourhood Watch Schemes said they felt their communities were safer and have lower levels of crime.

"It is important that we use the information coming out of the research so that Neighbourhood Watch Schemes can continue to benefit our community. This conference gives everyone involved the chance to consider the research and apply it to the future development of Neighbourhood Watch." ENDS

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