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Limerick's shocking gun crime figures should act as awake up call

12 March, 2008

Limerick Sinn Féin representative Maurice Quinlivan has described figures released by the Irish Times, which show Limerick has by far the highest level of Gun crime in the state, as staggering and shocking. The figures were compiled by the Central Statistics Office and cover the years 2006 & 2007.

Quinlivan said, "Some people in Limerick are living in denial and we need to wake up to the levels of crime that exist in parts of our city.

"These figures when one looks at them in the cold light of day are quite staggering. Limerick has almost the same incidents of Gun crime as Dublin which has probably more than 20 times our population. Indeed per 100,000 of population we have 5 times more gun crime than Dublin, which has the second highest levels of gun crime in the state. That is a shocking statistic.

"It is quite clear that in relation to gun crime we have an almost unique situation with the levels of such crime we experience. Recent events in our city involving guns have included the much-publicised incident in a public house on Sunday and the shooting up of an innocent pensioners' home in the St. Mary's Park area on Saturday evening.

"These crimes are causing real fear and anxiety to many innocent people. To put our gun crime figures in context it is worth noting that Gun crime in Limerick is almost three times that of Manchester, which includes the notorious crime ridden Moss Side area. In fact we have nearly two and a half times the level of Gun crime which they experience in London which has the highest level of recorded Gun crime in England."

Quinlivan concluded: "Whilst we have had additional Gardai recently deployed in Limerick it is quite clear we simply don't have enough and that many Garda resources are ineffectively deployed.

"Increasing gun crime in Limerick must be tackled head on with all available resources. The Government must expedite a robust process of civilianisation of as many administrative and other appropriate tasks as possible in order to free-up fully trained Gardaí to fight serious drug and gun crime. The present situation must not be allowed to continue" ENDS

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