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Ongoing criminality to be raised with all criminal justice and statutory agencies

19 March, 2008

Sinn Féin will be raising the ongoing criminality in the Falls Road area culminating in the murder of Frank 'Bap' McGreevy at a high level meeting tomorrow, Thursday, at 1pm at which all the criminal justice and statutory agencies will be present.

A rally will be held in Ross Street tonight, Thursday, at 6.30pm to show the disgust of the Falls community at the murder of 'Bap' McGreevy and is being organised by the Safer Neighbourhoods Project.

A representative from the Upper Springfield Safer Neighbourhood Forum will be in the offices of the Falls Residents Association in the Frank Gillen Centre this Friday, 21st March, from 10am to 6pm to help local residents to bring forward information about recent crime in the Falls area.

Lower Falls Sinn Féin councillor Tom Hartley has said

"Since the weekend Sinn Féin has been in close contact with the McGreevy family. Our thoughts are with them as they prepare to bury their loved one.

"We all have a responsibility to ensure that those engaged in criminality, violence and intimidation are brought to justice.

"It has been reported to Sinn Féin by a number of constituents that information was given to the PSNI about events over the weekend.

"There is a public concern which I share about the PSNI response to that information.

"The people of the Falls are entitled to an accountable and effective policing service and justice system which commands their confidence and upholds their rights. This local community feels frustrated, angry and let down by what has happened in recent days.

"It is crucial that the PSNI and other statutory agencies fulfil their obligations to uphold the rights of the citizens of west Belfast to live in peace and safety, free from intimidation and threat.

"Sinn Féin have encouraged and will continue to encourage citizens to come forward with information about criminality to the PSNI.

"It is imperative that information given is acted on promptly and effectively.

"Other neighbourhoods and families have endured similar ordeals in recent months. It is not long since the harrowing murders of Harry Holland and of John Mongan.

"We need to learn and apply lessons from elsewhere. Pioneering work has been done in the Upper Springfield in response to crime gangs and prolific offenders. The community of the Falls needs to be empowered in the same way.

"Sinn Féin proposed a 'Taskforce' approach in response to the situation in the Upper Springfield/Ballymurphy area of West Belfast. However, the residents of that5 area are still awaiting a response from the Social Development Minister Margaret Ritchie." ENDS

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