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Sinn Féin condemn organised Loyalist crime in Limavady

20 March, 2008

Cllr Cathal Ó hOisín Sinn Fein's local policing co-ordinator has condemned recent loyalist unionist criminal activity in Limavady town and called upon the PSNI to take immediate steps to avert a breakdown in law and order.

Cllr Ó hOisín said.

"The ongoing wave of loyalist activity in Limavady Town is unacceptable and they appear to be acting with impunity. There have now been 24 arson attacks since Christmas and innocent residents have been burnt or intimidated out of their homes.

"Anti-social behaviour is not being addressed effectively by the PSNI and widespread drug dealing continues unabated. People are living in fear of their lives and the police and judiciary appear uninterested or incapable of addressing the issues.

"Limavady DPP has questions to answer. For four years they have failed to even begin to hold the police accountable for a progressive decline in law and order on the streets of Limavady.

"The time for excuses is over. The PSNI driven by Limavady DPP must rid the borough of these Loyalist Unionist gangs who are orchestrating this campaign of terror before lives are lost." ENDS

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