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Sinn Féin demands Minister deliver justice for Limerick

27 March, 2008

Minister for Minister for Justice Brian Lenihan visit to Limerick must be followed by swift action and not the empty rhetoric, which always accompanied his predecessor Michael McDowell. Tom Collopy, Kings Island Sinn Féin Representative called for the freeing up more Gardaí to fight crime by fast-tracking the process of civilianisation of administrative Garda duties. He also called for the government to extend the ‘Dial to Stop Drug Dealing’ Scheme, which has been successfully piloted in Blanchardstown, to Limerick as a matter of urgency.
Tom Collopy, Kings Island Sinn Féin Representative said: “The brutal nature of this pre-planned attack on six houses in St. Mary’s Park last night shows that these criminals have neither fear nor regard for the law. This is a symptom of years of ineffectiveness on the part of Gardaí due to a lack of resources over many years. The criminals simply have little fear of getting caught and so continue to torment and destroy communities. Gardaí must be at maximum strength to tackle specific feuds such as the one here in Limerick.

To achieve this, Gardaí, fully trained in crime fighting, must be freed from administrative duties and redeployed directly into this fight. This process must be fast-tracked immediately. It is completely unacceptable that a thug could enter an estate in a stolen car, shoot up six houses, striking fear into the whole community and leave again without fear of being caught and punished accordingly.
Collopy calls for introduction of ‘Dial to Stop Drug Dealing’: “We all know about the problems of drug abuse in Limerick, and providing a scheme through which the people themselves can safely do something concrete about the dealers would be a big step forward in tackling the issue. Drug dealing and drug abuse is at the root of most of the crime here in Limerick, which has convulsed parts of the city and destroyed communities.
“I firmly believe that if people have access to an anonymous, confidential, non-Gardai phone line, they will feel far more confident about providing information about drug dealing in their areas. I believe this is a major opportunity to allow those in the community to do something positive to aid in combating the drug dealing which is all too prevalent in parts of Limerick. People who avail of this service will always remain anonymous, as it is a totally confidential service. In the Dublin project 17% of calls to
the phone line have resulted in arrests with court cases pending thus proving its value. I would urge the minister to give a commitment to introduce in Limerickthe ‘Dial to Stop Drug Dealing’ Scheme as a matter of urgency.” CRÍOCH

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