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Ferguson - British Education Minister puts Military before Children

9 November, 2003

West Belfast Sinn Féin Representative Cllr. Michael Ferguson has accused Jane Kennedy of putting her allegiance to the British military in front of her responsibilities as Education Minister.

Cllr. Ferguson said:

"On Friday the British army disrupted an 11 plus examination at a West Belfast Primary School by hovering over the building. Requests by the school principal to the British military to end the activity were ignored.

"As a result of the deeply flawed system of Direct Rule imposed by the British government the Minister responsible for the education of our young people Jane Kennedy is also responsible for security matters.

"Up until now she has failed to make any comment or take any action after the disgraceful disruption of the 11 plus examination. It seems that Jane Kennedy will, like countless British Ministers before her, put the narrow interests of the British military in Ireland in front of any concerns for the people who actually live here. In this instance 11 year old children.

"Her failure to respond to this very serious matter is an indictment of not just herself, but of the system of direct rule imposed upon us." ENDS

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