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Illegal Dumping Punishment does not fit the crime

3 April, 2008

Mr McKay said:

"The level of fines for breaches of waste management legislation are woefully low and irreversible damage is being done to the Environment because of it. Only last month a man was fined just £1,000 for illegally dumping 75,000 tons of waste. Is this really a deterrent to those engaged in this environmental crime?

"This environmental crime is happening widespread and very little is being done to stop people choosing to dispose of waste, whether it be burying large scale industrial waste in the countryside or dumping rubbish at the side of the road.

"The Environment Committee has agreed to take my proposal on this forward and will hopefully now work to address this disgraceful situation."

The proposal that Mr McKay put to the Assembly Environment Committee was that:

(i) The Committee write to the DOE regarding the inadequate level of fines for the illegal dumping of waste.
(ii) Request a breakdown of the outcome of similar cases and the penalties which were given over the past 5 years.
(iii) Request a briefing from the DOE in regard to its compliance with European Waste Directives and Regulations.
(iv) Request a briefing from the Environmental Crime Section.

The proposal was backed unanimously by the Committee.

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