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Lisbon Treaty will give the EU too much power

6 January, 2008

In a few weeks time Sinn Féin will be launching our campaign against the Lisbon Treaty. And the government is right to be worried about the outcome of this referendum because the people of Ireland won't be sold a pup and they won't be cajoled into giving this government a dig out.

The simple fact is that the Lisbon Treaty is a bad deal for Ireland. It is bad for our economy, it is bad for our reputation internationally and it is bad for democracy. It gives the EU too much power.

You only have to look at events over the last few years to see what happens when you give the EU too much power ­schools are forced to use scarce resources to pay water charges, the Shannon service is withdrawn as Aer Lingus is privatized, Irish troops join EU battlegroups. And most importantly the Irish government has little power to intervene to stop
decisions that are not in our national interest whether it is in relation to the sacking of Irish Ferries workers or the importation of Brazilian beef.

And if the Lisbon Treaty is allowed to go ahead problems like these will become more and more common. In all likelihood this will be the last referendum that we will have in relation to the European Union. It is important that there is a full and proper debate on the implications of this Treaty and squabbling between the Labour Party and the Green Party should not be confused with debate. The government has signed up to the Lisbon Treaty and that includes the Green Party ministers. And the Labour Party has long since reduced its role to one of unconditional support for the EU. Only time will tell what those who have supported these parties in the past will do on polling day but I would encourage them to join the campaign against the Treaty.

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