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Kelly - Greater Shankill Community Council's report offers nothing new

11 November, 2003

Sinn Féin representative for north Belfast, Gerry Kelly, has slammed the Greater Shankill's Community Council's report as stale and that it offers nothing new. Speaking today Mr Kelly said that the GSCC needed to pursue dialogue as the only way forward and not get caught up in dinosaur politics.

Speaking today Mr Kelly said:

"This report, published by the Greater Shankill Community Centre, is stale and offers nothing progressive or new. It is quite clear that the GSCC are lashing out at all others except the Orange Order and their supporters who continue to refuse to talk to local residents.

"What we see is the report making wild assertions about the residents protest, people taking part in the protest and even the Independent International Observers. It uses the language of the political dinosaurs such as DUP and the UDA.

"I have to say if those from the Greater Shankill Community Council are genuinely interested in identifying a way forward then dialogue between the relevant parties must be seriously considered and placed within this document.

"It is only through dialogue between the Orange Order and the local nationalist community that a lasting and satisfactory resolution to this problem can be achieved." ENDS

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