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Resident’s Parking in Belfast

16 April, 2008

Sinn Féin Minister for Regional Development, Conor Murphy MP MLA, today announced the start of the informal consultation process on the first five proposed residents' parking schemes in Belfast.

The Minister welcomed the commencement of the scheme design and public consultation process in five city centre areas including Barrack Street, Donegall Pass, Sandy Row, The Markets (west of Cromac Street) and Brown's Square.

The scheme design process involves conducting parking surveys, initial scheme design, informal consultation with residents, finalisation of scheme designs, and commencement of the necessary legislative process. This is a significant undertaking and the legislative process itself may take up to 12 months to complete.

Mr Murphy said:

"Residents' parking schemes will deliver substantial benefits to all residents living within them by providing improved parking opportunities which will mean residents will normally be able to park quite close to their home at any time of the day. They can leave their home during the day and be reasonably confident of getting a parking space when they return.

"There will be improved traffic progression, which will lead to better access for all, including bin lorries, doctors, ambulances, carers and other essential services."

A public exhibition of the initial scheme design will be held within each area and all residents are encouraged to attend the exhibition and make their views known to the Roads Service representatives. Residents will therefore have the opportunity to influence scheme design throughout the process.

Residents from the areas under consideration will be advised by letter in due course of the date and times of the individual exhibitions and where initial design drawings for the area in question will be available for viewing for seven days before the dates listed below.

The dates of individual exhibitions at which Roads Service representatives will be present are:

Barrack Street - Barrack Street Open Learning Centre, 3pm to 7pm on 29 April 2008;
Sandy Row - Sandy Row Community Centre, 3pm to 7pm on 30 April 2008;
Donegall Pass - Donegall Pass Community Centre, 3pm to 7pm on 1 May 2008;
Brown's Square - Brown's Square Community House, 3pm to 7pm on 7 May 2008; and
The Market's (west) - The Market's Community Centre, 3pm to 7pm on 8 May 2008.

Roads Service has also started work on the next five areas for schemes. These are: The Markets (east of Cromac Street), Lower Ormeau Road, Holyland/University, Lower Lisburn Road and Donegall Road.


The Department for Regional Development's Roads Service's policy for the introduction of residents' parking scheme was finalised in January 2008. More information, drawings and an online questionnaire on this topic can be found at

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