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‘To hell or Coleraine’: DUP invoke the spirit of Cromwell

16 April, 2008

There was great mirth at Coleraine Borough Council's weekly meeting when DUP councillor Samuel Cole entered the debate on how to allocate positions on important Council committees.

Councillor Cole said, without a hint of irony, that democracy had to be defended as it had been fought for and won by Oliver Cromwell.

Sinn Féin's Billy Leonard, who had argued for all party representation, could not believe his ears and declared that Cole would not even pass GCSE Politics.

He added:

"If ever there was an example of how much catch up Coleraine DUP has to play it was this one.

"The man who murdered his way around Ireland and claimed it was guided by God is the DUP's exemplar of a defender of democracy. It was truly bizarre and what is worse I think Councillor Cole actually believes it.

"He has the unfortunate knack of trying to wax lyrical for long periods and winds his way effortlessly into bland nonsense which he thinks is quite intellectual.

"I suppose if Ian Paisley Snr. most admires Cromwell's statue in Westminster then we shouldn't be surprised that some of DUP's 'yesterday's men' still invoke his spirit.

"However, it is unfortunate that Coleraine, which still needs to show that it is prepared to really move forward, is subject to this nonsense." ENDS

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