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DDP Chair describes SDLP remarks on new Independent members as ‘unfortunate’

24 April, 2008

Sinn Féin Newry and Mourne District Policing Partnership Chairperson Cllr Brendan Curran has said that he is deeply disappointed by the remarks of SDLP Councillor Michael Carr after he questioned the authenticity of new independent members of the local Policing Partnership and suggested that those participating on the Board would not allow transparency.

"The remarks made in the Council Chamber by Councillor Michael Carr, himself a former Chairperson of the District Policing Partnership, were at the very least unfortunate. He has questioned the right of members to sit on the Board as well as their integrity.

"The whole issue was further compounded after he requested Newry and Mourne Council to recognise the commitment of former independent members. On the one hand he was saying well done to former independent members and on the other he was claiming those new members were not worthy to be on the Policing Partnership."

The Policing Partnership Chairperson said that all candidates were approved by their local councils. He added:

"There was a rigorous appointments process carried out by the councils and the Policing Board. All candidates were appointed by the Policing Board after meeting the criteria laid down and appointments made that reflected the composition of the local council areas in a number of ways including community background, achieving a balance of men and women and age.

"Republicans are as entitled as anyone else to be appointed as independent members of the local District Policing Partnerships. The DPP's will be more representative now than at any other time in the past. This is a development that I am sure most people have welcomed." ENDS

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