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Latest Poll Results on Lisbon No Surprise

26 April, 2008

“The latest Red C poll results come as no surprise. Proponents of the Treaty have been unable to convince voters of any merit to the Treaty because there simply are none.


“Cover up tactics by the Irish government and EU institutions have not succeeded in halting debate on what the Lisbon Treaty means for Ireland. Farmers throughout Ireland are experiencing firsthand what life will be like after Lisbon. Small businesses are questioning how tax harmonisation across the EU will affect them. Vulnerable workers know all too well that the race to the bottom that the government, EU, Fine Gael and Labour promised them would not happen after Irish Ferries has already begun.


“No amount of veiled threats and talking up of this Treaty by European and Irish political institutions can disguise the simple fact that it does not address the economic and social needs of Europe. The Lisbon Treaty is a bad deal for Ireland, for Europe and for the wider world. We deserve better.” ENDS

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