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Sinn Féin announce Assembly election team

14 November, 2003

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP today launched the party's candidates for the Assembly elections. Mr. Adams said:

"We come here today as the third largest party on the island and as the largest nationalist party in the six counties. After this election Sinn Féin is going to be the largest nationalist party in the Assembly. We are standing 38 candidates across all 18 constituencies including 12 women candidates - the largest of any party in this election.

"This will not happen by chance. It will happen because Sinn Féin is making a real difference.

"The transformation of Local Government came about because of the involvement of Sinn Féin councillors. The Peace Process itself was initiated and has been continuously energised by our party. Sinn Féin brought forward a peace strategy which has already brought about huge progress. There is more to do. The Agreement must be implemented. That is why we went into the negotiations and that is why we will stay there until the rights of all have been achieved.

"People are responding to this message positively, and with just 12 days to go, the canvas returns from all 18 constituencies are very positive.

"I am confident that we will take an additional four seats at least.

"Sinn Féin will be seeking to nominate a first or deputy first minister after this election

"We will also seek to continue the work we have advanced in Education and Health.

"However Sinn Féin does not take the voters for granted. We are asking people to endorse the work we have undertaken and to validate our position. People have the opportunity to become agents for change in this election. They have an opportunity to make history."ENDS

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