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Sinn Féin voice DLA concerns regarding blind and partially sighted people

29 April, 2008

Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Disability Michelle O'Neill speaking after attending the recent launch of the 'Rehab Rethought - Losing your sight shouldn't mean losing your self' campaign at Stormont, has voiced concern about Disability Living Allowance payments in relation to people who are blind or partially sighted people.

Ms O'Neill said:

"A change in legislation is needed to improve the lives of those who are either wholly or partially blind.

"To lose your sight is both emotionally and physically devastating and yet there is not enough being done to alleviate the difficulties encountered by people with such disability.

"The British Government has decided that individuals who are registered blind can only claim the low element of the Disability Living Allowance because they can have a blind dog to assist them in moving around and yet the same Government refuses to fund the £30,000 required to train each dog.

"The Assembly has a responsibility to improve the quality of life for the many living in our community who suffer from disability and disadvantage. It needs to have the power to change legislation where it is really needed." ENDS

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