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Campaign to get rid of Ruane will not succeed - Butler

30 April, 2008

Sinn Féin Education spokesperson Paul Butler has said that the obvious concerted campaign to get rid of Education Minister Catriona Ruane will not succeed.

Mr Butler said:

"Caitríona Ruane has set out the steps to take forward the reform of our education system. She has established the working groups to take forward Area Based Planning in a set timeframe and is within weeks of presenting her proposals to the Executive.

"Catriona Ruane will deliver the necessary change required to ensure that every child is afforded the same educational opportunities. This campaign to get rid of the Minister, waged by political opponents and those with vested interests in maintaining the status quo will not succeed.

"Sinn Fein took on the Education portfolio because of its impact on society. We are determined to bring about lasting change and put in place a new education system that does not fail the majority of our children.

"What we are now seeing are the forces opposed to the changes our educational system needs. These include sectors of the establishment media. This was expected.

"Some of these want to protect the privileges they gained through the old system; and others are political opponents being entirely opportunistic. We want this process of change to be as smooth as possible but equally, we are prepared for a battle.

"The consultation period is now over and the Minister will shortly present proposals for discussion to the Executive." ENDS

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