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Lisbon Treaty does contain a self amending clause, it's called Article 48

3 May, 2008

Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald has described claims by media commentators that the Lisbon Treaty does not allow the European Commission or Council to increase and extend its own powers without the need for referendum as false. The Dublin MEP said “the Lisbon Treaty does contain a self amending clause, it’s called Article 48.”


Ms McDonald continued:


“Article 48 of the Lisbon Treaty gives the EU powers to amend its own treaties, without recourse to an intergovernmental conference or a new Treaty. It is also unclear whether this ‘simplified revision procedure’ would be subject to a referendum.


“Up to now revisions of EU treaties required such stages so as to ensure that member state parliaments, and in the case of Ireland, populations can have a say in the decision making process of the EU.


“Article 48 dispenses with this and allows the European Council to make amendments by unanimity and in certain cases by qualified majority voting, without the guarantee of any process of member state ratification. In real terms this means that in the future significant changes could be made to the structure, procedures or competencies of the EU without the guarantee of a referendum.


“Commentators hold a heavy weight of responsibility during this debate on Lisbon. Therefore it is incumbent on them not to simply act as conduits for the Yes Campaign.  They must consider and engage with the alternative view of what this Treaty means for the people of this state.” CRÍOCH


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