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McGuinness welcomes start of Investment Conference

6 May, 2008

Sinn Féin deputy First Martin McGuinness have heralded the US-NI investment conference as a potential catalyst for economic transformation here.

Welcoming the delegation from the US which arrive in Belfast today, Mr McGuinness said:

"As joint leader of the Executive it gives me great pleasure to see this hugely important conference begin and I would join with the First Minister in welcoming the delegates who are joining us today. Over the last twelve months we have found that from the White House to Wall Street every door has been opened to us.

"This conference comes as the result of much hard work and planning and the level and quality of the delegations that are joining us speaks volumes for the interest and goodwill that exists within the US and of the engagement that we have been involved in over the last year.

"That engagement has already reaped rewards with the likes of the recent announcement of a $150million investment by the New York Comptroller Office and I am particularly pleased to welcome Mr William Thompson the New York Comptroller here along with the likes of Duncan Niederaurer CEO of the New York Stock Exchange and the Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg.

"Our hope is that we can build on the good start that has been made and I believe that this conference will prove a major milestone in the ongoing transformation of our society." ENDS

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