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Ireland cannot veto mini military alliances

12 May, 2008

Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald has once against called on the government to engage in a truthful and transparent debate on the Lisbon Treaty.


The Dublin MEP said:


“Is it any wonder that over a third of the electorate remain disengaged from the Lisbon Treaty debate when government Ministers refuse to debate in a mature robust manner on the Treaty contents and its implications for the Irish people. Sinn Féin is ambitious for Europe and it is in this spirit that we come to the debate. Ireland’s place is in Europe. This is a given and uncontested fact.


“It is astonishing to me that Micheál Martin appears unaware that Ireland will be unable to stop other EU states coming together in mini military alliances and operating in the name of the EU.


“While Ireland will retain the right to opt out of military interventions, a new procedure contained in Lisbon, called ‘structured cooperation’ would allow a smaller number of member states to agree a foreign policy or military intervention to be carried out with the imprimatur, finance and logistical resources provided through the EU. The Minister is incorrect when he states that these mini alliances need the unanimous approval of all member states. Member states do not have a veto, Article 28E clearly states this.


“With just over four weeks to go to the referendum I am putting it to the government that perhaps now is the time to end the school yard name calling and let’s simply debate the facts.” CRÍOCH

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