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Lisbon Treaty will draw Ireland into EU Common Defence

15 May, 2008

Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald said today that any political party who suggests Ireland’s position as a military neutral will not be affected by the Lisbon Treaty either doesn’t understand the document or worse still doesn’t care.


The Dublin MEP said:


“Ireland for generations has prided itself on its position as a military neutral and also as a symbol of peace keeping in conflicts through its commitment to the United Nations. Successive EU treaties and government policy have gradually undermined this position with efforts to create an EU common defence policy. The case has yet to be made for why the EU must have common EU foreign, security or defence policies or a diplomatic service, yet this is exactly what the government are asking us to sign up to.


“The Lisbon Treaty will result in greater amounts of Irish taxpayers’ money being spent on Irish and EU military capabilities. It will further consolidate the EUs control over foreign and security policy. It will allow for the emergence of mini military alliances of member states and for the first time the EU will have its own Foreign Minister with a diplomatic corps who will oversee such policies.


“Any political party or government who argues that all of this does not affect Ireland’s neutrality either does not understand the Treaty or simply does not care. I believe Ireland should play a positive role on the international stage. But we must do so with reasonability and in line with the values and aspirations of the Irish people.” CRÍOCH


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