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Sinn Féin response to Irish Times Lisbon poll

17 May, 2008

Responding to today’s Irish Times poll on the Lisbon Treaty Sinn Féin Dublin MEP Mary Lou McDonald described the poll results as interesting. The Dublin MEP said “What is needed at this point is to ensure that people understand what is in the Treaty.”


Ms McDonald continued:


“Both the Irish Times and Red C polls illustrate that a significant percentage of voters have yet to make up their minds. The challenge for both sides of the debate is to engage these people on the issues of the Treaty in a meaningful way. The jury is clearly still out.


“It is apparent that many people who support the treaty are doing so because they are in favour of Europe. The reality is that you can be for Europe and against Lisbon. People should not be misled by government propaganda. Ireland’s position within Europe is secure and uncontested.  


“This debate is about the contents and implications of the Lisbon Treaty. The people are being asked to make a huge decision; they should not being fooled into making this decision based on Ireland’s role in Europe. People must be given the full facts, and the Yes campaign must engage in the debate based on these facts.


“Time is tight but with a little under four weeks to go we can still have the substantive debate on the key issues.


“I challenge the Irish government to explain to me why is good for Ireland to lose a Commissioner for 5 out of every fifteen years? What’s good about giving up a veto on trade agreements? What’s good about opening up our education and health services to privatisation? What’s good about giving increased amounts of taxpayers’ money to boost EU military capabilities? What’s good about undermining workers rights? What’s good about doing nothing to fundamentally address climate change? What’s good about eroding our democracy?


“On June 12th these are the issues we will be asked to vote on. Sinn Féin is not afraid to have the debate. We trust the people, we trust democracy and we have confidence in our analysis of the Lisbon Treaty.” CRÍOCH

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