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Sinn Féin supports Childminding Association call for action on shortage of childcare provision- Mitchel McLaughlin MLA

19 May, 2008

Mitchel McLaughlin said:

"Sinn Féin totally supports the call by Nicma on the Executive to tackle tha shortage of childcare provision. In fact Sinn Féin goes further and would propose that the Executive seriously consider the benefits that could accrue from State provision of childcare. This was one of the main proposals in the Sinn Féin submission to the Varney 2 report into competitiveness in the North's economy. We believe it could make an important contribution to enhancing competitiveness. It would act as an incentive to attract high value employees by removing the burden of contributing towards childcare costs from companies hoping to attract such employees.

"State provision of childcare would assist in the overarching objective of upskilling the workforce by creating conditions whereby workers and women workers in particular, could retrain. Evidence from a number of credible studies shows that not only does childcare provision pay for itself within a relatively short timeframe, but that before long it actually increases returns to the Exchequer." ENDS

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